Image is Everything

So you want to get listed with a modelling agency but don't have a professional portfolio or your existing portfolio is out of date?.

Anyone seeking a job interview knows they must have an up-to-date resume. For models this means that your portfolio needs to be fresh and stylish with a range of images that show you off to your very best.

First impressions last so you should aim for quality in your portfolio as you are only as good as your worst photo.

ImageScapes can help build a Quality Portfolio

If you're just starting out your portfolio needs a minimum of:

•  Headshots You typically need a couple of headshots: a casual headshot with light makeup to show your natural beauty and a more styled look with stronger make up applied. You should aim for one smiling and one with a more serious expression.

•  Half & Full Length Shots on a plain background to show the proportion of your body, usually wearing either a leotard, body suit, lingerie or swim suit.

•  Fashion a couple of fashion shots should be included showing casual and more formal clothes.

•  Action if you move well a good action shot can show the grace of your movement.

•  Others as your portfolio grows you should include glamour and editorial images.

Make your portfolio stand out with variety and quality. It's better to have a few good images showing your modelling flexibility than having lots of similar photos.

Examples of ImageScapes portraiture can be found in the Portrait Gallery.

Examples of ImageScapes portraiture can be found in the Portrait Gallery.

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Modelling Session Information

Location ImageScapes mobile studio allows us to set up in most locations. Urban landscapes provide great settings for model portfolios. For the full package, we can combine urban and natural locations with sessions in our own studio.

Wardrobe ImageScapes recommends that models bring at least 3 outfits to the shoot to provide a range of looks and styles.

Make up & Hair ImageScapes can supply make up artists and hair stylists for an additional cost of $75 each per hour (minimum 1 hour).

Model Release A model release will be provided to you before the shoot. Please ensure you bring a witnessed copy of the release with you to the shoot. For models under 18 years, the release needs to be signed by a parent or guardian.

Online Gallery Your online gallery will contain proof copies of the best images from the session. You can select the portraits that you would like in your package from the gallery.

Reprints Your package includes a CD containing all of the images you select from your online gallery. A reprint license is granted for you to make unlimited additional prints for personal and portfolio use. All CD images are printable at sizes up to 8" x 10" at 300dpi

Privacy ImageScapes reserves the right to use photos from the shoot for industry competitions, promotional advertising for the company and for stock. Please let us know if you would prefer not to have your images displayed and we will honour your wishes.

Preparation for your Photo Shoot

Practice your poses and facial expressions in front of a mirror. It is important for you to see how you look when you smile or frown and whether the pose you strike suits your body. Practice your poses and smiles until they feel look and feel natural.

Practice naked in front of a mirror. Nobody can see you so don't be shy. Practicing this way means that you won't have pockets or collars to conveniently place your hands. You'll learn how to pose your hands so they look natural and attractive.

Wardrobe Select your outfits a few days before the shoot and write down they styles and colours that you plan to bring with you. This will help you to plan shoes and accessories that enhance your clothes.

Jewellery Your portfolio is designed to showcase you. Discreet ear rings and necklaces are ok but it's a good idea to leave the bling at home as this will take attention away from you.

Props that match your outfit or that can be used to tell a story make the photo more interesting and can often give you something to do with your hands.

A few days before the shoot Let me know the list of outfits that you plan to bring with you including their styles and colours, the shoes you'll wear and any props or accessories. This helps me to plan for the photo shoot.

3 days before the shoot This is the time to make sure of your look. Book in with your hairdresser if your hair needs attention. If you need to wax or shave, this is the time to do it.

2 days before the shoot We need to talk! We need to finalise the time and place for the shoot, the list of outfits you'll bring and answer any last minute questions.

The day before the shoot Do your nails, drink lots of water, avoid alcohol and get a good sleep.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates: If you’re stuck for a unique gift for someone special, ImageScapes gift certificates are an ideal solution.

Our gift certificates can be used to completely pay for one of our services or products or be used as part payment.

•  So, if you have an anniversary coming up, why not indulge in a couples package?

•  For those with budding models in the family, a portfolio package would make an ideal gift.

•  If you simply want to adorn the walls of a friend or relative then our gift certificates can also be used to purchase beautiful matted prints that are ready to frame from our online shop.

ImageScapes gift certificates come in any denomination from $1 to $1000.
Gift certificates can be ordered through our online shop.

What People Say

Jackii: I have been trying to build a modelling portfolio for a while now and it is not easy to find the right photographer who is unique, is able to understand what you want in the pictures and also driven by style and creating professional pictures. Dave Edney and I scheduled a photo shoot for a Tuesday evening at the Brisbane Powerhouse where we managed to produce some amazing pictures in the night light. Collaborating with Mr Edney we managed to come up with a variety of poses and positions based on the outifits I had with me. I am so pleased with the results and with the help of Dave's pictures I am now signed to Boss models. I would definitely work with Dave again as he made the shoot soo easy, relaxed and enjoyable even when it was so cold that night.

Jenna: I had the opportunity to work with Dave Edney early on for my portfolio. Being an inexperienced model having only done a few informal shoots prior I found Dave very professional, relaxed and pleasant and his suggestionsns interesting. The photographs turned out extremely well receiving fabulous comments from those subscribed to my profiles. I would recommend Dave Edney to anyone searching for a professional and interesting addition to their portfolio.

Nyajame (Australia's Next Top Model 2011 Contender): Dave is an awesome photographer, I’m glad I got the chance to shoot with him because he’s so easy to work with and gives you the chance to try out your own ideas. He also lets you contribute to the location of the photoshoot, e.g. finding the location and the theme. He gives positive feedback and takes pretty amazing pictures. He makes you feel comfortable and relaxed during the shoot, He's very respectful and very professional and I would recommend him to anyone.

Candice: I worked with Dave on a graffiti shoot when I was first getting into modelling and he was a pleasure to work with: very professional, very easygoing, open to ideas (as well as willing to give instruction when I was lacking in ideas of my own) and made me feel very comfortable and at ease. As well as these highly important qualities, the standard of his work was also at a very professional level. Although the shoot that we collaborated on was one of my first I still use these photos in my modeling portfolios as they are some of my favourite shots and are the ones that receive the most positive feedback. I would highly recommend Dave to any model starting out, or even more experienced models looking to update their portfolios, as his work is of a very high standard.

Siân-Lee: Dave is a great photographer. I’ve worked with Dave 3 times and found that he is really flexible and willing to play around with any ideas that I’ve wanted to try out. I really enjoy working with him and find it really easy to quickly fall into an easy and comfortable atmosphere for shooting. I always get such stunning images from our shoots and have had nothing but positive feedback on our shoots together from other people who have seen them.

Harriet: Me and Dave worked together for the first time on a groovy night shoot. Dave was great in choosing the location and because we were both full of ideas, everything went from strength to strength. I feel at ease when shooting with Dave, he totally understands where I was coming from and we got along great! I have been in many shoots where it wasn’t a relaxed atmosphere, therefore the shoot didn’t go as well as planned, this wasn’t the case when shooting with Dave. Everything was done at our own pace, we had a laugh and messed around and the atmosphere reflected in our pictures. I have good memories and brilliant photos from the shoot, and I look forward to shooting with Dave again very soon!